Simple explanation of how carbon dating works

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Simple explanation of how carbon dating works

Let me first explain them before you scan my list of speech topics on processes.

In the so-called directional writing type you tell, show and instruct the steps of the series of actions so that they can recreate them after you show how to do it.

The informational speech type informs, educates, analyzes and explains: II.

Focus on education and understanding of your process speech idea. Choose process speech topics that you are relatively familiar with, or select a process topic you like to research.

Let us ask ourselves what would happen if we required that a successful explanation must itself be explained.

This would lead immediately to an infinite regress of explanations.

:) Here’s atheist philosopher of science Peter Lipton: The why-regress is a feature of the logic of explanation that many of us discovered as children, to our parents’ cost.

The problem with offering “God did it” as an explanation is that such an explanation has low plausibility, is not testable, has poor consistency with background knowledge, comes from a tradition (supernaturalism) with extreme explanatory failure, lacks simplicity, offers no predictive novelty, and has poor explanatory scope.

According to this argument, science merely transfers our puzzlement from one phenomenon to another… we don’t simply replace one phenomenon with another.

We replace one phenomenon with a Richard Dawkins, for instance, writes that to explain the machinery of life “by invoking a supernatural Designer is to explain precisely nothing.” Why?

That helps the complete speech communication writing undertaking.

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The reason that the details of the Standard Model of Particle Physics are accepted as good explanations for quantum phenomena is because these explanations are plausible, they are extremely testable, they have strong consistency with background knowledge, they come from a tradition (natural science) with great explanatory success, they are relatively simple, they offer much predictive novelty, and they have strong explanatory scope.