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Sexy cam reality tv

She told the papers she wasn't happy with the way she looked. I'm sorry, but I don't buy this nonsense about nudity 'empowering' women, because an awful lot of this empowerment seems to be all about humiliating them, too.So when she was going nowhere, Mylene went on a disciplined crash diet, worked out a bit and enjoyed career-enhancing showers in the I'm A Celebrity jungle bathroom. Desperate for affection and attention, and spurred on with a patronising cuddle, they are forced to accept that gut-wrenching embarrassment is the route to self-esteem. Producers always go for lardy, style-free types with Poundland wardrobes and Iceland eating habits. They are an easy target because, well, putting it bluntly, things could hardly get worse, could they?Myleene was, of course, fully clothed and wearing make-up during this sequence, and her skimpy bikini, made famous by her own shower interludes on primetime TV, was not given another outing.Over-exposed: Dawn Porter strips in the show Dawn Gets Naked You can see the irony here, can't you?It got worse when Myleene was sent down to talk to the sodden, flabby women with hair plastered to their heads and mascara running down their faces.'You look absolutely stunning,' she said to one poor girl, who looked like she'd come third in an Alice Cooper lookalike competition.The format in these programmes is pretty much always the same; mostly flabby, under-confident females (it's always women - I don't think men would agree to such nonsense) are persuaded to remove their clothes. Gok Wan with one of the competitors on the Channel 4 reality show Miss Naked Beauty They then look in the mirror, get prodded by a loud and invasive, overfamiliar presenter or two, burst into tears when they see how awful they look, and then burst into tears again when a psycho-babbling pep talk, a quick hair-do, a vertically striped T-shirt and some George at Asda heels conspire to give off the illusion that they are a couple of pounds lighter.

Flip around the TV channels (preferably not while you are eating) and you'll happen upon TV shows with the word 'naked' in them, or with lots of naked people in them; Miss Naked Beauty, How To look Good Naked, Dawn Gets Naked, The Great British Body, Naked Office.

No need to wait on big stars when you can just invent new stars of your own! or maybe they do belong, but not as high as they are currently ranked.

So, who do you think are the hottest reality TV girls ever?

In reality TV’s 25-plus year history, there have been plenty of controversial moments.

In the early years, cast clashes were fairly infrequent and typically mundane.

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Myleene was probably chosen because she knows all about being overweight.