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Dating cards ny times

In addition, tax stamps were sometimes used until the stamps had run out, so card decks can actually have been made later than the tax stamp indicates. The most common decks you will experience are the 10 cent and 1 pack tax stamped decks, which are the stamps used from 1924-1965.

You can identify the date of a deck of playing cards by matching a deck's stamp to its years in use.

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In order to disguise this increase, the government issued stamps saying "1 pack".

Decks with the "1 pack" stamp can date anywhere from 1940 to 1965.

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at their expense, to have dies engraved and plates made for their exclusive use.

This method gave the manufacturers a slightly lower cost and the advertising value of the proprietary stamps could not be overlooked.

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The tax stamps that were placed on playing card decks can give you insight into the year a deck was manufactured or sold.