Consolidating files nuendo

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Consolidating files nuendo

If the master jumps to a new position within the song, Live will do the same.

Any Link-enabled apps or instances of Live can then change their tempo at any time and all others will follow.This can either be a local network or an ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) connection.Then open Live’s Link/MIDI Preferences and turn on the button next to “Play in time with Link.” If at least one other Link-enabled app or instance of Live is connected, the Arrangement Position display will show a moving “progress bar” whenever Live’s transport is not running.The MIDI protocol defines two ways to synchronize sequencers, both of which are supported by Live. MIDI Clock: MIDI Clock works like a metronome ticking at a fast rate.The rate of the incoming ticks is tempo-dependent: Changing the tempo at the sync master (e.g., a drum machine) will cause the slave to follow the change.

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The MIDI Clock protocol also provides messages that indicate the song position.

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